42Crunch Developer-First API Security Platform


42Crunch Developer-First API Security Platform


Used by Fortune 500 firms and over 1M API developers to never let unsecure APIs reach production


42Crunch is uniquely designed to enable a collaborative DevSecOps approach to API security. All teams: API architects, developers, QA, security,
operations – get a shared view of API security, its shared definition, and
shared understanding of what needs to be done to improve it.

Security by Design

Empower your developers to implement security as code in their workflow.
42Crunch is embedded in IDEs, code repositories & CI/CD environments.

Automate Manual Tasks

Security audit and scanning become automated checks ensuring that insecure code never makes it to the master branch and production deployment. Runtime protection policies get automatically redeployed with each API change

No more False Positives

Traditional solutions generate an unacceptable volume of false positives.
Eliminate noise and only see the issues that actually matter and need to be

Scale Protection

Eliminate friction between development and security teams and automate
protection to ensure that your API security program has unlimited scale.

Accelerate API Delivery

Security is not a bottleneck. Enable your developers to focus on high value
work to improve and accelerate the delivery of world-class APIs.

Governance & Compliance

42Crunch brings API semantic, code hygiene and data definition compliance
to all APIs. Security teams now gain oversight and governance of the policy
enforcement throughout API lifecycle.

Core Platform services include:

API Audit

API Audit provides instant security scoring for prioritization and
remediation advice at design-time to help developers to define and build
the best API contract possible. It performs over 300+ security checks on
your API contract, ranging from the structure and semantics to the security
and input/output data definitions.

API Scan

API Scan continually scans for API contract misconfigurations and
vulnerabilities at both testing time and runtime. It can detect OWASP API
Security Top 10 issues early in the API lifecycle, validates that APIs
handle gracefully unexpected requests.

API Protect

API Protect offers runtime API security policy enforcement with a low footprint, containerized micro-API firewall. API Protection blocks unwanted requests (including bots) and prevents hackers from sending unexpected and edge-case requests to your APIs to fish for information.

* Additional licensing options that include more developers and APIs as well as our micro-API firewall are available under private offer. Please contact to inquire.