The Energy Transition Platform


The Energy Transition Platform


Awesense Energy Transition Platform

What is it?

The Awesense Energy Transition Platform enables system integrators, technology partners, solution providers, utilities and other energy providers to design the applications, analytics, and solutions they need to prepare for the future of energy. It is the only open-data model-driven platform for geospatial, connectivity & time series analysis for grid edge insight.

The Energy Transition Platform comprises the VEE Data Engine, which outputs The Awesense Open Energy Data Model (EDM), APIs & development environment and the Awesense front-end solution, The True Grid Intelligence.

Solution Overview

  • Ingest and connect disparate data sources
  • Perform validation, error correction and estimation (VEE engine) - solve connectivity & topology errors
  • Provide out-of-the-box analytics and applications
  • Expose cleansed, structured, synchronized open energy data model (EDM)
  • Enable building additional custom analytics, algorithms, and new applications

VEE Engine

The Awesense VEE Engine provides the foundation for data ingestion, cleansing, and synchronizing of the data into the platform. The engine produces a data set that is highly refined, cleansed, and structured according to the Awesense Open Energy Data Model (EDM), bringing with it a host of benefits for analytics and application developers. The Data Engine's key feature during data ingestion is its AI-driven validation, estimation, and error correction capabilities.

Open Energy Data Model

The Awesense Open Energy Data Model (EDM) is highly tuned and focused on the electrical grid and its components. This data model is deployed consistently across all Awesense customers. All the analytics and applications developed on the Energy Transition Platform can easily be ported across any utility or energy system.

True Grid Intelligence

True Grid Intelligence is an Awesense front-end solution that comes with a range of out-of-the-box applications. Customers use it to monitor their systems, analyze data, build models, traverse and explore their grid network and associated time series data.

APIs & Development Environment

Start developing use cases and applications in a development environment using easily accessible APIs and quickly query synthetic data. Once the utility’s data is ingested, cleansed & synchronized using the VEE Engine, resulting in the population of the Awesense EDM, the use cases can be further expanded to run scenarios and provide executive-level insights.