Birlasoft TruMIG Solution


Birlasoft TruMIG Solution


IDM TruMIG is a Data Governance Accelerator that analyses both structured data and databases.


- IDM-TruMig’s reports include data statistics, metadata profiling, and duplicate identification that helps stakeholders quickly understand the challenges in their core data and consider options to resolve them.

- IDM-TruMig/’s data & domain mapping & data search features provide a deeper understanding of the source data’s fitment for specific project requirements and high-level enterprise data management goals.  

- IDM-TruMig leverages machine learning features that include trained data sets and text analysis to identify duplicate records and field mapping.

- IDM-TruMIG provides details of the complexity of databases by performing data quality checks and providing users with the authenticity of data sources.

The solution is an excellent fit for the following scenarios:

- Perform data quality discovery on a new data source.

- Discover the complexity of the source databases.

- Extract metadata information on data in flat files with no underlying schema. 

- To perform a data quality analysis when commercial data quality tools are not preferred.

- To prepare data dictionaries and data catalogs by analyzing the source systems.

- Recommended for business analysts, data analysts, DBAs, and technical developers.

The key benefits of the solution are:

- Structured approach towards data migration, platform modernization

- Identifying potential issues in anonymous data sources.

- Fast go to market and low cost of ownership.

- Built on the open-source Python platform – license-free.

- Works with any reporting tool - uses PowerBI as the default tool

- A web service layer that can be consumed by web applications, ETL tools, and reporting tools.

- Reduces risk, reduces scope creep, has more accurate effort estimation, and is easy to use. 

- Support for Synapse, Oracle, and SQL Server available.  Other databases would be added as and when required.

- Leverages the vast global experience of Birlasoft.