Automation Services for Azure

Black Innovation 2 Pty Ltd Automation Services for Azure

Black Innovation 2 Pty Ltd Automation Services for intelligent retail and industrial safety.

Leverage spatial understanding through the creation of a digital version of your physical environment. Action events in real time and historically.

Information gives you the power to move faster, this includes your physical space. Black's system is unparalleled in its ability to make a digital twin of your current physical environment and interactions occurring within it. The insights generated can be leveraged through your existing data and dashboards, alerts or standalone. 


In a retail context, this means understanding the customer journey within the store, and the item-categories they interact with, so that smart bags checks can be implemented in  a step towards full automation. As the implementation provides you with a data layer of the physical store, this can be leveraged for use towards other goals, such as checkout optimisation with predictive capabilities. 

In industrial context, this could mean understanding where staff are within your environment, relative to heavy machinery, for the purposes of ensuring staff safety or that standards are being met with regards to PPE. These insights could be actioned using real time alerts, or when incidents happened through historical deep dives.

With™ organisations can leverage spatial understanding with a platform designed to expand to your ongoing business demands.

Occupancy tracking by If you need to know the exact number and location of people.

Gather actionable information on detected persons/items. When health and safety are critical.

Understand when things are touched or moved in your environment. This is useful when knowing what things people inspect or take is critical to your business.

Create rules and alerts for Flow, Status, or Interaction.

Easily review the history of your environment and any triggered alerts.

Best in Class Models:'s object detection and tracking models outperform the current State of the Art in research for both accuracy and speed, enabling real-time spatial understanding in unpredictable business environments. These cutting-edge AI capabilities that enable to monitor a person’s  journey in your environment with 99% accuracy among more than 1,000 other individuals simultaneously.