Active Metadata Management (Data Catalog)


Active Metadata Management (Data Catalog)


Holistic Data Cataloging and Metadata Solution for Data related Challenges

Data Catalog:

ChainSys’ Active Metadata Management offers a collection of metadata, combined with data management and search tools. It helps analysts and other data users to quickly find the data they need. It serves as a business metadata enriched inventory of available data and provides additional technical information to evaluate the data's fitness for intended uses.

Key Features:

  • Organize and combine metadata to create a hierarchical structure so you can better understand what data is available, where it resides, and provide a lineage of how it has evolved

  • Get better visibility on your datasets with the help of data lineage

  • Understand what data the organization possesses by centralizing metadata into a single location

  • Translate metadata to get curated business context as easy reference

  • Supports data governance, compliance and protects sensitive data (PII), and over 200 enterprise apps


  • Easily organizes enterprise wide data and reports for users to utilize with confidence

  • Indexed data to make your search simple and efficient

  • New Generation Reporting method using data catalog- Drill up and down the data searched and visualized.

  • Eliminate the risk of data breaches

  • Minimize your cost and optimize performance by data cataloging all your disparate applications.

  • Rapid implementation models in just 6 weeks


  • Cloud First, Ease of use.

  • SECURE - Data can be encrypted both in motion and rest

  • Robust profiling engine for structured and unstructured data.