Data Ingestion (No-Code ETL Platform) for Oracle BigData


Data Ingestion (No-Code ETL Platform) for Oracle BigData


Migration, Integration Reference data from any data source or legacy system to oracle Big Data Cloud

Oracle Big Data Service

With the growing volume and demand for data- agility, elastic environments, and deployment flexibility is essential to bringing more business value. Let us help you keep pace with your big data with ChainSys Smart Data Platform, where we maximize Oracle Big Data Services to better align your cloud operating mode with your business goals. We provide high volume integrations while achieving consistent performance from big data applications needed for sharing services with other teams and organizations.

Why ChainSys:

  • We have 10000+ Prebuilt Data Templates

  • Data Lineage Verification Provision

  • 50%-60%+ Schedule Reduction

  • 10x Better Features at Reduced Cost

Combine and transform your data with ChainSys + Oracle Big Data Service:

  • We help extract more value from your data by combining data across system and sources

  • Help keep data clean by validating and cleansing during integration

  • Break down data silos and connect to any source to make data sources more accessible

  • Analytics engine available for visualization and prediction