DIAP | Data Intelligence Analysis Platform

DIAP by Eltronic Data Intelligence

DIAP | Data Intelligence Analysis Platform

DIAP by Eltronic Data Intelligence

The DIAP platform collects data from your production and gain an overview of your production

The technology behind

The DIAP gateway collects data from your production units and sends the data to a secure cloud storage from where the DIAP software analyzes the data. Using your normal web browser, you can access the data in the DIAP dashboard and gain an overview of your entire production.

The DIAP gateway is easily installed in the electrical cabinet, and it is ready to collect data as soon as it is connected.
All you need to do, is to decide what type of data you wish to collect and from where you want to collect it – PLCs, sensors or robots.

An all-inclusive solution

In contrast to many similar products, DIAP is truly flexible because it provides you with an integrated hardware-software solution which is fully compatible with any PLC, sensor or industrial robot.

DIAP communicates with your production equipment via I/O connectivity or Ethernet, and it is compatible with all common communication standards such as Profinet, OPC-UA, Modbus, CAN-bus etc.

DIAP is the obvious choice if you wish to digitalize your production and work towards Industry 4.0. And it does not require you to make large investments or change your way of working completely.

OEE software application

How well do you know your production? Do you know the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of your manufacturing line? Are you aware of the reasons for downtime? DIAP OEE software application can provide you with detailed answers to these questions.

Measuring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of your production will provide you with a clear picture of how well your equipment is operating. DIAP OEE will give you an overview of:

  • How well your production is running (performance)
  • Reasons and duration of production stops (availability)
  • Total number of accepted and rejected units (quality)

Calculate your increased efficiency

Sometimes it is the little things that matter. Collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data will help you know exactly where to put in the effort to increase your efficiency. All our clients combined have experienced an average increase of 15% after only three months with DIAP. Try our calculator and enter how many units you are currently manufacturing. It will then show you the number of units you can expect to manufacture when you become more efficient.

Real-Time Data software application

Only what is measured can be improved. By letting DIAP provide you with real-time production data, you will get an immediate overview of your production. This will let you spot the optimization potential by letting you go from small changes to big savings.

Real-time production insight

With DIAP real-time application, you will be able to spot issues or inefficiencies instantly and make faster and better decisions based on actual real-time production data. You can easily monitor parameters such as:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Number of produced/rejected units
  • Vibrations
  • Power consumption

DIAP Case Studies

Each time DIAP is installed at a production site, the management as well as the worker on the production floor will get a new perspective on their production. Read on and see how DIAP has revealed the hidden potential for some of our customers.

Amanda Seafoods increases efficiency by 33%

At Amanda Seafoods, they have digitalized their production with DIAP. After only six months, it has made a difference and shown tangible results.
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DIAP helps improve productivity at Novozymes

At Novozymes, DIAP is used to collect and analyze OEE data on 6 packaging lines. In just a few months, this has resulted in an increase of production efficiency.

Data collection increases productivity by 25%

Danish Crown Beef uses DIAP to collect OEE data from 4 lines for production of minced beef. In only 3 months, this has resulted in a productivity increase of 25%.

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