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Experian Phone Validation

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Global phone validation and standardisation at the point of capture

Experian Phone Validation is the fast, accurate and secure way to capture, validate, and standardise mobile numbers from 240 countries in real-time at the point of data entry.

The solution checks the line type, confirms the number exists with the network provider and corrects the number format in line with country best practice with the relevant dialling code. It prompts users to make corrections to the number provided if invalid and delivers valuable information behind the scenes such as the current and former network provider, country of origin, country code, ported date and status. You can seamlessly integrate the REST API into your Microsoft platform, website, Point of Sale, and more to ensure phone number accuracy without disrupting the user experience.


  • Captures valid and contactable mobile numbers first time
  • Equips Customer Service, Sales and Marketing teams with valid phone numbers for customer communications and lead nurturing
  • Improves ROI on SMS campaigns by ensuring the right type of phone number is used (landline vs. mobile)
  • Streamlines the form-fill process by eliminating the need for ‘Confirm Phone Number’ fields


  • Number type identifier – differentiates landline, mobile, VoIP, toll-free numbers for compliance with local regulations
  • Global coverage – covers 240 countries and territories
  • Up to date - powered by real-time information from 1500+ telecommunication providers
  • Advanced checks – checks for number syntax and format, existence on a network, and active status
  • Number insights – returns information on current and former network provider, country of origin, ported status, disposable number and more
  • Visual icons – highlights invalid data in the form and prompts the user to make corrections if needed
  • Reliable and responsive - 99.95% service uptime guaranteed with sub-second processing speeds
  • Usage monitoring - track usage and manage tokens in Experian’s self-service portal
  • Easy integration - configure for any field in any SaaS platform where numbers are entered, with integration guides and assistance if required
  • Flexible licensing - on a transactional or annual basis
  • Support - 24/7 customer support globally
  • Free trial available

Plus in North America:

  • 10-digit validation of phone numbers as they are entered
  • A data append service that returns the phone number associated with the user’s name and address, or the user’s name and address associated with the number.

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