CloudBlue Platform Premium


CloudBlue Platform Premium


Managed marketplace platform takes the complexity out of distributing subscription-based solutions.

The CloudBlue Platform automates ordering, fulfillment, and billing for any subscription -based transactions. It enables vendors, distributors, resellers, and service providers to sell, distribute, and/or buy as-a-service solutions using their own or third-party marketplaces.

The core modules, designed to address the full spectrum of cloud and subscription commerce business operations are:

Subscription and billing management

Launch and manage B2B, B2B2C and B2C subscription and billing models. Full control over the entire lifecycle: from establishing subscriptions, processing payments, creating detailed usage-based invoices, to easily making adjustments at the subscription level.

Vendor and product information management

Enables product portfolio expansion through access to CloudBlue catalog’s 400+ fully integrated SaaS and IaaS products. This module also makes it easy to onboard new vendors and suppliers, manage digital agreements, and consolidate product definitions and information in one place.

Multi-tiered marketplace management

Multi-tiered, white-labeled marketplace creation and management across global regions, languages, and currencies. This module enables customers to list their products, drive revenue, and reach more customers quickly and easily.

Reseller management

Straightforward reseller onboarding and management. This module enables distributors to set up a well-organized multi-tier reseller sales channel. It also empowers resellers to create customized, white-labeled branded storefronts. It’s designed to facilitate new avenues for revenue growth.

Platform benefits

Our customers come to CloudBlue looking for a platform to manage their cloud business thanks to the automation, security, flexibility, reporting and analytics functionality. The principal benefits are:

Revenue acceleration: Speed up recurring revenue generation with automated subscriptions, billing, and payments.

360-degree visibility: Centralize vendor and supplier contracts and configure product definitions and information from a single interface.

Portfolio expansion: Access CloudBlue’s extensive catalog of 400+ products to broaden cloud portfolios. Flagship products include Microsoft 365, Adobe Suite, Acronis Cyber Cloud, Google Workspace, AWS Marketplace, Trend Micro, Webex by Cisco, and many more.

Global marketplace management: Easily run white-labeled and multi-tiered marketplaces across multiple countries, languages, and currencies.

Ecosystem expansion: Cultivate a robust multi-channel network of partners and resellers.

Cut costs: Reduce overheads, operational resource requirements and enhance value with our robust and secure SaaS platform.

Our platform integrates with any external systems using industry-standard methods, such as REST APIs and extensions/integrations, as well as any manual methods required.