Teams Voice Management Apps


Teams Voice Management Apps


The Leading Unified Communications and Collaboration Management Software

Kurmi Software provides a full-featured platform to simplify and automate management for Microsoft Teams Phone (calling plan, operator connect, and direct routing). With Kurmi, you'll have all the tools you need to streamline and optimize users’ day-to-day administrative tasks across your enterprise communications and collaboration systems. With its advanced automation and integration capabilities, Kurmi Software delivers strong operational costs savings while offering the best administrator and end-user experience. With a single pane of glass, you'll not only manage Microsoft Teams, you’ll also easily migrate your legacy UC tools to Microsoft Teams.

Why Kurmi Software for automating management for Microsoft Teams Phone?

•Automation: Optimize workflows by integrating Kurmi into your apps

•Delegation and RBAC: Set profiles to meet your administrators’ needs

•Smooth Migration: Control and secure the pace of your migrations

•Range Number Management: Real-time access to available numbers in your DID pools across multiple locations or clusters means no more Excel spreadsheets

•Log Tracking & Rollback: Monitor operations performed by your team. Undo any actions with one click whenever you need to.


•Simplify UC Management: replace PowerShell scripts by using off-the-shelf apps

•Improve service quality with error-free UC Management

•Reduce MACD time and cost with automation

•Focus your IT experts on value-added projects, thanks to advanced management features (RBAC & Delegation)

No matter how many users, where they move and what road you're on, Kurmi saves time, lowers costs (by up to 80%!) and delivers secure performance to enterprises and MSPs alike.