ME Applications Manager with Add-ons-250 Monitors


ME Applications Manager with Add-ons-250 Monitors


Applications Manager offers application & infrastructure performance monitoring from one console.

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an integrated application and server performance monitoring solution that helps businesses ensure high availability and optimal performance of their business-critical applications. It provides deep visibility into the performance of a diverse set of applications and infrastructure components—both within the data center and on the cloud.

Out-of-the-box monitoring support for 100+ application types
Applications Manager supports a wide variety of application types - including servers, databases, application servers, middleware, messaging components, web servers/services, virtual machines, cloud infrastructure, containers, big data stores and ERP suites. You can monitor your applications quickly without installing agents on the target server or integrate plugins/community generated scripts.

Deep application performance monitoring with code-level insights
Applications Manager provides deep end-to-end performance visibility from the URL down to the SQL level for web applications written in Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP and Node.js languages. It enables DevOps teams identify dodgy lines in the code, detect slow and erroneous transactions, and rapidly reduce MTTR.

Synthetic transaction monitoring
Simulate business-critical, multi-page workflows via a real browser or by importing Selenium test cases, and monitor them from various locations around the world. View step-by-step breakdown of response times for the elements in your web page and detect components that slow down your web page.

Cloud, Infrastructure, & Container monitoring
Get visibility & real time insights across private, public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, physical and virtual hosts as well as container technologies like Kubernetes and Docker.

Find and fix issues faster
Easily identify and solve issues that impact application performance. Save precious time by quickly getting to the root cause of problems rather than sifting through logs searching for clues. Proactively address application performance issues with dynamically baselined thresholds.

Powerful reports
Make educated decions with complete, accurate, and objective information that's easy to interpret and focuses on historical analysis and predictive analytics. 

Easy to set up & use
Deploying the software from the Azure marketplace is easy as it's automatically installed on Azure VM instances. You can get started in minutes. When you acquire a license, you'll get a VM instance with Applications Manager set up with add-ons for unlimited users and 250 monitors. Since it's web-based, you can access it from your browser after the installation.

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