Now2Cloud CAF aligned Cloud Assessment

Microland Limited

Now2Cloud CAF aligned Cloud Assessment

Microland Limited

Now2Cloud service aligned to CAF leverages cloud technologies to maximize benefits for enterprises

Microland’s Now2Cloud service enabled by our Now2Cloud Readiness Assessment Framework helps enterprises evaluate and make the right choice by leveraging cloud technologies optimally, to maximize business benefits in alignment to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. Microland’s cloud experts use Azure CAF guidelines/tools such as Azure Migrate, Data Migration Assessment (DMA), SQL Server Migration Assessment (SSMA) and other proprietary toolkits to ensure that the assessment is undertaken in a comprehensive, structured, and objective manner.

As enterprises move to the cloud for all their computing needs, multiple decisions need to be taken at various stages – evaluating the ideal cloud environment, identifying the best-fit cloud-based service provider, workloads to be migrated, and selecting the right tools and technology. We help clients find answers to some of the most critical questions in creating their Now2Cloud transformation journey-

• Which workloads are ideal candidates to move to cloud?

• What will be the ideal cloud environment - Public, Private or Hybrid?

• Which cloud technology solution will provide the optimal cost benefit?

• What changes would be required in processes and organization structure?

• What should be done to manage the Hybrid IT environment?

• What should be the cloud adoption roadmap that is aligned to business needs?

Being asset light and technology agnostic in its approach, Microland is clearly focused on building best of breed client centric solutions.

Microland has designed a Now2Cloud Readiness Assessment Framework that helps assess "cloud readiness" of an organization with respect to workloads, technology, and IT operations for a target cloud environment. The framework is a set of methods and tools that enables capturing a range of information across technology landscape, business needs, compliance & security needs, and operational challenges & requirements. The framework ensures assessment is undertaken in a comprehensive, structured, and objective manner and it drastically cuts down the time taken for assessment.

Leveraging this framework Microland can provide the following key outputs as part of the Now2Cloud readiness assessment.

• Roadmap recommendations for cloud to enable business cases

• Cloud deployment analysis for Private Vs. top-2 hyper scale public clouds

• Quantitative cost benefit analysis leveraging proprietary tools & methods

• Evaluation of organizational compliance requirements

• Vendor agnostic view of Cloud enablement

Now2Cloud Cloud Readiness Assessment Framework

Microland’s Now2Cloud framework for cloud assessment has been designed considering the key constituents of computing & IT environment. Our framework ensures that the cloud services delivery & technology implementation roadmap is in-line with IT objectives while achieving business needs, by ensuring all areas related to IT environment are assessed thoroughly and their interdependencies are clearly identified before deriving a cloud solution.

The assessment utilizes a range of information gathering techniques including interviews, facilitated workshops, and study of relevant records & documentation and by implementing automated tools to capture system resource data. Microland’s structured methodology for cloud readiness assessment is rooted in its experience with managing & delivering IT services to its global clients. The key predicates have always been to ensure the quality and efficiency of the IT services. Consequently, the overall methodology is designed to converge quickly onto the required solution.