Plydish OCRA

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Plydish OCRA

Nuvento LLC

An end-to-end solution to automate data extraction from paper sending them to any datastore

Plydish-OCRA(Optical Character Recognition Automation) is a paper-to-digital OCR solution that extracts information from scanned paper documents – like forms, surveys or invoices - that can be uploaded to the database or fed to business processing systems. The solution is for organizations that need to digitize in a go heavy loads of paper data, such as paper forms, surveys or invoices, and extracting data points from scanned images, pdf files or documents, edit it, and either save to database or export as a csv or excel file.

The scan-to-database OCR software is an ideal solution for industries that spend a lot of time and money on manual data entry processes for entering data on forms and paper documents into an excel sheet or into their database. 

How to use Plydish-OCRA

  1. Select a template – You can either choose a document template from Plydish-OCRA’s pre-built standard template library for a wide range of industries or you can upload your own template. If you’re uploading your own template, you’ll need to define the fields on that template so that data is accurately processed from uploaded forms.
  2. Choose your forms/files – You can upload customer/patient documents and the Plydish-OCRA software will scan and organize your documents.
  3. Save/Export your data – Data from your paper/image forms will be scanned into the database, which you can then view in pdf or export in excel or .csv file format. 

Features of Plydish-OCRA

Pre-built templates: Plydish-OCRA has a pre-built standard template library for a wide range of industries like healthcare, insurance and so on.

Custom template builder: Users can build and continue to use their own paper surveys or invoice templates in a few clicks, allowing them to get data that is specific to their unique business needs. 

Scan paper documents to excel sheet:  Plydish-OCRA can be used for quickly transforming paper data to editable .csv or excel formats making it faster to handle, easy to edit and process.

Upload image: Plydish-OCRA allows users to upload images of data files and extract information from it. The information is automatically organized and stored into the database, making it easy to parse and fetch during a search.

Integrate with database: Plydish-OCRA can be integrated with your database, letting you store your data where you want it, the way you want it. The OCR solution can be used to extract data and save it in excel or a spreadsheet format of your choice.

Other integrations: Plydish-OCRA is highly integral and can be integrated to simplify scan-to-database requirements and database access.