Rainbow Secure Identity & Single Sign on

Rainbow Secure

Rainbow Secure Identity & Single Sign on

Rainbow Secure

Modern Identity & Multi-layer Single Sign on Security for securing apps in Cloud and on premises.

Rainbow Identity & Single Sign on For Cloud, Mobile and On premise applications

Unify your business login identities, boost security and productivity. Secure workforce, partner and contractor identities with Rainbow Secure platform. Innovation, AI Monitoring, Risk Analytics and threat alerting gives advanced security protection to your business apps and services.

Seamless Access To All Resources

Unify access for all of your apps — cloud and on-prem, third party and custom built — into one enterprise wide portal for your end users, providing them with seamless remote access from any device using just one login.

Make it simpler for users, easy to manage by IT and strong enough to secure your business with rainbow secure single sign on.

Rich User Experience

Give your workforce an interactive graphical security experience. 

No more login stress. Colors and styles make users happy and productive. Users authenticate and verify without any hardware, usb keys or app dependencies.

Seamless, Pre-Built Integrations

Rainbow Secure Single Sign on works with 100+ major enterprise Apps like Microsoft Office, PowerApps, Teams, NetSuite, Google, AWS, Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Drop box and your custom homegrown applications in cloud, on premises and on mobile.

We will help you integrate your IAM with other key leading access control and anti-fraud solutions as demanded by your use cases.

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