Rookout Live Logger

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Rookout Live Logger

Rookout Ltd.

Enables engineers to get control over their logging verbosity and troubleshoot 5x faster.

Rookout Live Logger offers engineers dynamic control of their logging verbosity,

With a click of a button, they can change their logging verbosity in production and switch on log lines that are currently needed. 

Live Logger gives developers the freedom to switch logs on and off without having to write more code and restart the application. 

Rookout Live Logger enables you to:

  • Troubleshoot faster with real-time access to on-demand log data.
  • Optimize logging cost by taking the edge of deciding in advance on your needed log verbosity.
  • Empower engineers with real-time log data at their fingertips.
  • Save time and effort by choosing logging granularity level required, from fetching logs for specific end-users, functions, accounts, and more, to robust regular expression filtering to activate specific log lines.

Key Benefits

  • Developer-focused solution: Rookout’s dynamic observability platform is designed to empower developers by giving them full visibility into their code in a simple and intuitive experience

  • Comprehensive technology coverage: capture live debugging data across your tech stack, in any language, any environment, and any architecture.

  • Ground-up production design: cloud-native & hybrid cloud architecture at scale, including a robust enterprise security and compliance offering.