Azure Data Governance in a Box - 3 wks

Sopra Steria Norway

Azure Data Governance in a Box - 3 wks

Sopra Steria Norway

Data Catalog in a Box based on Azure Purview

This application is available in English and Norwegian. This is an extension to Sopra Steria's Azure Data Platform in a Box offering, but can be setup stand-alone on any Azure Data Platform. This solution sets up Purview data catalog capabilities on an Azure Data Platform or Data Lake. It's a scripted delivery of Purview to enable businesses to have tools for Data Governance.  The scripted setup is based on Azure DevOps, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

Purview enables a company to improve data quality, use more data and govern the data which is needed when transforming into a data driven company and laying the foundation of the use of AI/ML.

A data catalog will:

-       improve self-service analytics and improve communication through business glossary

-       improve data literacy and culture

-       assess data usage across the organization

-       comply with regulations more easily

-       perform effective data governance using automated tools

-       perform Impact analysis capabilities from data linage

This is an acceleration package for establishing Azure Purview solution sourcing data from Synapse/Databricks on an Azure Data Platform or Azure Data Lake on the customer’s tenant. The architecture supports Microsoft best practices and zero trust architecture principles. The reference architecture is based on components like Azure Purview and Synapse. Changes can be made to use Databricks instead of Synapse.

The acceleration package contains the following steps

-       Identify and configure data sources

-       Setup automatic data discovery and classification rules

-       Setup business glossary and mapping to metadata

-       Verify automatic data linage import

-       Basic training to super users