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Stantec Connect

Stantec Consulting International Ltd.

An end-to-end platform for delivering science and engineering automation.

Embrace the future of science and engineering

Connect contains the pre-configured Microsoft Azure building blocks needed to deliver secure, on-demand digital science, engineering, and design products and services. These consistent, connected, and secure Azure building blocks include services for cloud-scale parallel computing, machine learning and analytics, visualization, and Internet of Things connectivity.

A strong foundation

Connect is crafted from Microsoft Azure components using best practice security, scalability, and reliability standards so you can focus on science and engineering, knowing your data, AI, and visualization platform are taken care of. It includes portal technology to view and analyze data, APIs, connectors to industrial data systems, and IoT device connectivity.

Open, yet secure

Information flows safely and securely between your systems, open data sources, and the Connect platform, using common data formats and protocols.

Machine learning excellence
Built for data scientists by data scientists, Connect delivers the technology and tools to develop, train, and constantly improve performance of Machine Learning models.

Cloud computing at scale

Connect features a complete set of computing, networking, and storage resources integrated with workload orchestration services for HPC applications. Maximize the full range of CPU, GPU, FPGA, capabilities to reduce job completion times from days to minutes.

Software Defined Everything
Cloud infrastructure is provisioned through code automatically, on demand, and torn down once workloads are complete to reduce cost and security exposure.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Connect includes an IoT module that enables flexible deployment options, multiple connection types, rapid device registration, extensive dashboards, monitoring and alerting, and support for integration, all wrapped in security by design.

You’re not alone; we’ll get you up and running

When you invest in Connect, our Professional Services team will work with you to understand your business needs and how this product will fit into your existing operations. Hand-in-hand, we’ll work with you to implement it, integrate it into your current system, and customize it as needed to fit your business models and goals.