Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform, Inc.

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Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform, Inc.

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Tackle eliminates the friction of listing your product on the Azure Marketplace

Tackle's Cloud Marketplace Platform drastically reduces your time to list and sell products on Azure Marketplace with zero engineering resources required. We enable your Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Finance teams to easily interface with Azure Marketplace and leverage them to drive revenue fast. Selling via the Cloud Marketplaces means a simplified sales and procurement process, reduced time to product launch, leveraging established relationships and budgets with the Cloud Providers, and access to thousands of new customers per Marketplace.

Our platform is made up of the following components depending on the plan and add-ons selected:

Smart Onboarding: 

Align internal stakeholders, and quickly get your listing content customized and ready for the Marketplace

Listing Management:

Manage the listing and API communication with Azure

Order Notification:

Receive real-time notifications for new orders, modified orders, and subscription updates.

Marketplace Data Feeds:

View historical Marketplace activity on orders, contracts, fees, and revenue.

Tackle Offers:

Simplify the process for Sales, Finance, and Operations teams to create, send, and track Private Offers in a single application.

Easy Metering with Transaction APIs:

Aggregate and pass on pay-as-you-go or additional usage charges across multiple Marketplaces in our easy-to-use interface.

Marketplace Insights:

Get advanced reporting to understand sales across listings and Marketplaces, tracking renewals, contracts, revenue, and fees


Connect Tackle to third-party systems with a plug-and-play Connector. Receive instant alerts on Marketplace activity in Slack or kick off a nurture track with an order notification to Marketo.


Automate Marketplace event notifications from Tackle to your CRM, billing, or another proprietary system. This lightweight and flexible integration helps keep your teams aligned and informed.

For custom pricing, EULA, or a private contract, please contact for a private offer