TCS Adaptive Knowledge Bank

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TCS Adaptive Knowledge Bank

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TCS AKB is a next-gen cognitive platform, which delivers end-to-end knowledge mgmt capabilities

Organizations are increasingly understating the importance of Enterprise Knowledge Management in driving better customer experience and employee satisfaction. They are looking for solutions that deliver the capability to create, manage and deliver knowledge in a controlled manner at a rapid pace and reduced cost.

TCS AKB, a cloud native solution hosted in SaaS model, help organizations achieve higher maturity in their knowledge management landscape. The solution provides organizations the right RoI and capabilities to deliver better customer experience. Today, organizations are limited by distributed knowledge with no/low governance on changes and lack of single interface to access the information. As a result, the business ops agents spend a considerable amount of time navigating through knowledge sources and identifying the right information to serve the customers.

TCS AKB delivers multiple benefits to the business teams:

Improving customer experience by 15% with first contact resolution
100% adherence to Quality and Compliance standards
Improving average handling time by 40%
Reducing operational costs

TCS Adaptive Knowledge Bank (AKB) on Microsoft Azure

TCS AKB on Azure Cloud helps enterprises quickly transform their Knowledge Mgmt through a future ready and scalable application fully managed by TCS.

TCS AKB – Solution Capabilities

  • Robust Search – Offers content driven search with extensive business focused preferences. Ability to support multiple types of documents & contents. Features like search recommendations, tag, auto correction & fuzzy search
  • Configurable Workflow – Includes integrated workflow to streamline document management –(document creation & updates). Supports multiple approval levels to address domain specific needs
  • Content Creation – Provides template driven model to create content. Ability to involve multiple stakeholders in the creation process through workflow capability
  • Orchestration – Supports both Push and Pull services. Bulk upload features to kick start the adoption quickly . Alerts/notifications and email driven services
  • Access Control – Enables dynamic role creation with entitlements. Supports audit trail logging and workflow-based approvals. Enables access control at user and document level
  • Domain Metadata – Drives the knowledge management through domain specific metadata. Leverages the metadata for catalogue, access control and reporting.
  • Collaboration – Offers team collaboration features like announcements, favorites, frequently used documents etc. Supports feedback loop to enhance content quality
  • Reports & Dashboard – Makes business specific dashboards and reports immediately available . Ability to create new reports through easy configuration
  • User management – Provides global settings to manage multiple groups of Users access & entitlements across line of business. Supports both form based authentication & Active Directory Integration

TCS AKB – Cloud driven delivery Capabilities

  • Fully Managed Implementation - TCS will provision, configure, and monitor the hosting on Azure cloud
  • Leveraging Azure cloud native services like Azure AD within the deployment to ensure seamless integration
  • Proven knowledge management solution on the cloud which has already been delivered to customers across globe
  • Rapid deployment and agile implementation with delivery in a matter of weeks
  • Ready adaptors to integrate with different enterprise applications