Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB)


Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB)


Tetrate Service Bridge is a comprehensive service mesh management platform for enterprises.

Tetrate Service Bridge is a comprehensive service mesh management platform for enterprises that need a unified and consistent way to secure and manage services and traditional workloads across complex, heterogeneous deployment environments.

Key Features

Centralized Management

  • Istio is the service mesh of choice for a single Kubernetes cluster. Tetrate Service Bridge offers a management plane that extends Istio to multi-cloud, multi-cluster deployments, including first-class support for workloads outside of Kubernetes and containers.


  • We understand that governance and regulatory compliance are driving use cases for service mesh adoption, so Tetrate has partnered with NIST to define service mesh security standards for all. Tetrate Service Bridge makes it easy to control who in your organization can change what, audit those changes, and ensure your mesh deployment conforms to secure best practices.

Workflow & Process Integration

  • First-class support for workflows to match your existing business processes enables Tetrate Service Bridge to fit cleanly into modern infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD practices while enabling incremental change within your organization. Multi-tenancy maps application management to your organizational structure, ensuring proper isolation of control and configuration between teams. Tetrate Service Bridge allows your teams to execute at their own pace, but safely within the guardrails you’ve provided.

Service Inventory

  • Get a complete view of all your applications wherever they’re running—in modern or traditional environments—including real-time health, endpoints, and performance. View and manage applications in your data centers and the cloud with a consistent set of tools and processes.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

  • With a full inventory of your mesh deployments, versions, and state, you can use Tetrate Service Bridge to manage centrally and upgrade incrementally with confidence that the upgrade will be safe and smooth. For regulated environments, Tetrate Service Bridge offers hardened and vetted data-plane and control-plane binaries, including FIPS-compliant builds of Envoy and Istio.

Configuration Safeguards

  • Tetrate Service Bridge provides a safer configuration mode that allows application teams to author and validate Istio configurations, ensuring correctness by construction. Service-level isolation and organizational controls guarantee that only the correct configuration reaches your runtime.