XMPro for Azure


XMPro for Azure


Create Real-Time Apps in Days with XMPro's No Code Application Composition Platform

Build Real-Time Applications in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Create Data Streams to integrate your data sources & orchestrate the data flow

XMPro’s Data Stream Designer lets you visually design the data flow and orchestration for your real-time applications. Our growing library of drag & drop connectors make it easy to bring in real-time data from a variety of sources, add contextual data from systems like EAM, apply native and third-party analytics and initiate actions based on events in your data. The connector library comes with pre-built integrations for Azure Digital Twins, Azure Time Series Insights and Azure Machine Learning. 

2. Design visualizations for a real-time view of your operations

XMPro's App Designer enables users to create custom page designs by dragging blocks from the toolbox onto your page, configuring their properties and connecting to your data sources, all without having to code. The designer includes a toolbox of 40 configurable blocks, including charts for Azure Time Series Insights and embedding capabilities for Microsoft PowerBI.

3. Create prescriptive recommendations that trigger when critical events happen

Empower your expert operators, foremen and maintenance planners to create recommendations that codify their expertise. Our visual rule builder makes it easy for business users to create and maintain recommendations without any coding knowledge. Users can set up thresholds to trigger specific recommendations when an important event occurs in your data.

Why Choose XMPro?

  • Robust integration - We integrate to existing, diverse OT/ IT ecosystems without disrupting operations.
  • Easy to start - Start with simple prototypes that drive value and mature into advanced AI/ ML.
  • Fast time to value - XMPRO creates a direct link to business KPIs and fast time to show/visualize value.
  • Codify knowledge - Use SME expertise as further input for AI and machine learning.
  • Empower SMEs - Our proven skills transfer process that enables SMEs to be self-sufficient on XMPRO.
  • Highly scalable - Build apps that provide real-time decision support by leveraging Microsoft's scalable cloud resources.

Get Real Digital Transformation Results and Fast Time To Value with XMPro’s Proven No-Code Application Composition Platform for Azure