Procurement Data Analytics Consulting- 1 Week Assessment

Agilus Solutions

Optimizing procurement is easier today with today’s centralized data sources, real-time data availability, predictive analytics, and new technologies to lower procurement spend and drive savings.

Data is powerful. Our data analytics consulting services help you make the most of your data. We understand that each client is different and has unique goals and objectives. Our team at Agilus offers customized and effective solutions to assist clients on their digital transformation journey. We take a consultative approach to each project to ensure the best results for every client and task

The phenomenal growth in data in recent years is fueling digital transformation of businesses and other organizations by empowering fast and informed decision making through data analytics. Agilus can provides multiple services that you can combine to build large-scale analytics solutions that leverage the latest technologies and techniques for data ingestion, storage, modeling, and visualization using Microsoft Azure


  • Our Data Analytics Consulting team will conduct interview and documentation study with your procurement experts. Our team will need your company documents that describes your business procurement processes for assessment.

  • Our Data Analytics Consulting team then will provide report on the diagnostics of business processes and will help your procurement experts make smarter decisions and obtain deeper insights into purchasing operations by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence. Numerous benefits can be realized such as identification of savings opportunities, cost reduction, payment terms optimization, updated vendor information, automated reporting and processes.

  • Our Data Analytics team can help you build rich data systems using Microsoft Azure with SQL Server to make sure your customers have a trustworthy experience, which is a foundational tenet. The data can also informs decisions that will drive your business forward, this can help you decide what features to build and what markets to go after. You can also use it to make decisions based on where and why growth is happening."

Deliverable Analysis

Will depend on the need of the organization upon the availment of the service.

  1. Consulting & Recruitment Data is powerful. -Our data analytics consulting & recruitment services help you make the most of your data.
  2. Spend Analytics -Reducing costs while building unique products and services is a hallmark of successful organizations.
  3. Savings Opportunities -Capitalize with insights on Savings. Assess opportunities and identify areas you can improve on savings.
  4. Risk Management -Supply chain disruption can derail your organization. With Agilus, you can make smarter and safer decisions before purchase.
  5. Contract Management -Stay on top of your contracts with increased contract visibility, lower risks, and timely renewals.
  6. B-BBEE Insights -Embrace new and better ways to view and report on B-BBEE progression, by engaging the power of data within your organization.
  7. Vendor Management -Fast methods for verifying and onboarding new vendors can take a significant amount of effort, time, and money.
  8. Suppliers Performance -Making sure your suppliers can perform is a critical part of getting the job done and staying on budget.
  9. Sustainability -Maintaining brand consistency requires a sustainable reporting strategy that not only informs but also engages.