AI and Cognitive Services - 3 HR Briefing

Anya Consultancy Services Limited

3 Hours Cognitive Services for imaging, visuals and audios in Azure briefing, sharing smart practices and helping you to unlock the power of intelligence in your business processes.

Our cognitive services in Azure masterclass briefing focuses on the practical applications of AZURE AI technology in a range of high-performance applications and business process management.

We will help you to understand the scope and effectiveness of cognitive services in Azure to infuse your business operational management, applications, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to imaging, audio, and visual understanding and interpret your business and user’s needs through natural methods of communication.

The briefing will cover:

• An overview of the cognitive services suite • Cognitive services in detail • Architecture & tools • May use cases for YOUR organisation to relate the hidden benefits

You will come away with a deeper understanding of how AI can be implemented to transform your organisation smartly and smoothly.