Custom Software Development: 2-Day Assessment

Arbisoft Global LLC

We work with you to assess your software requirements with managed cloud infrastructure. We have a history of serving a variety of industries and enabling organizations to do more with automation.

This is our premium consulting offer to engage clients and help them assess the best way forward in achieving their software solution goals using Microsoft Azure cloud services. At Arbisoft we advocate bespoke, custom software solutions. This leads to full flexibility in articulating a solution that meets your demand, lower costs of ongoing ownership, and more sustainable long-term maintenance engagements.

Our solutions leverage the extensive array of services offered by the Azure cloud platform to accelerate our solution delivery. We utilize the authentication, storage, interconnectivity, and containerization services to save on hundreds of hours of development time, and that value is passed on to our clients. Azure scale-on-demand and compute facilities enable us to deliver robust and scalable cloud-based solutions.

Besides .NET, we have extensive experience in J2EE, Django and other open-source technologies, making us the ideal delivery partner when working in heterogenous application environments, and modernizing / migrating those assets to Azure. This is particularly valuable when you have a hybrid cloud-cloud or cloud & on-premise IT environment, and are looking to save cost and reduce complexity by migrating all workloads to Azure.

Our typical 2-Day engagement for Software Requirements Assessment works as follows:

Day 1

*Client Introductions and high-level review of their requirements and timeline expectations - 1 hour *Fact finding on client's existing IT environment covering on-premise and cloud infrastructure, operating systems and software packages. This done utilizing the tools and frameworks provided under Microsoft Assessments ( - 2 to 4 hours *Internal deliberation and research on possible solutions - 2 to 4 hours *High level design diagrams: Solution Architecture Diagram, Object Relational Diagram, System Workflows - 2 to 4 hours

Day 2:

*Presentation of High level solution design, explanation of technology choices, and the Azure value proposition. Our solution will be structured around, but not limited to technologies offered by Office 365, SharePoint, Power Apps, Flow, Power BI, and Dataverse - 1 hour *Description of resource allocation and pricing - 30 minutes *Client discussions, Q&A - 1 hour

After the assessment exercise, our customer typically requires 3 to 5 business days before reverting to us on our proposed solution. Based on our research and solution presentation, they get better insights onto their execution strategy. The scope of deliverables may be enhanced or reduced.