Azure Landing Zone: 1-Hr Briefing

BJSS Limited

The BJSS Azure Landing Zone is a tailored Infrastructure-As-Code environment with built-in guardrails that rapidly delivers a secure, scalable and layered platform to host your services.

As a leading technology and engineering consultancy BJSS constantly strive to improve time to value for our clients. The biggest barriers we see rightly concern governance and compliance, and are generally seen as inhibiting factors to accelerated change.

This introductory briefing will explain the benefits of the BJSS Azure Landing Zone approach and how it can overcome these barriers and enable faster realisation of competitive, innovative products and services.

The following topics are explained.

Your Requirement: • A configured, secure, cloud environment based on proven best practices • An environment with appropriate governance controls • A starting point for cloud adoption, development and experimentation • A starting point for the application migration journey • An environment that allows for iteration and extension over time

Other Features: • A building block for all future services • Flexibility to add/remove/configure resources • A means to vend cloud environments with built in guardrails • A deployment model and coding standards that are consistently applied across the entire Azure estate • Pattern based approach that promotes code reuse