Azure DevOps IaC Readiness: 6Wk Assessment

BlakYaks limited

Provide consulting services that helps set a customer on the right path to enterprise grade Azure DevOps and Infrastructure as Code

BlakYaks will assess the customers current strategy and approach to Azure DevOps and IaC. We will facilitate workshops across key stakeholder groups to compare the "as is" approach with what BlakYaks consider to be industry best practice and comparing with proven methods and techniques that BlakYaks have used successfully in other corporate and enterprise customers. The scope of assessment will look at but not limited to:

  • Azure DevOps service.
  • Pipeline integration.
  • Code repository management.
  • IaC code base, controls, policies and governance.
  • Structure of the code base (modules, policies, trunk, branches).
  • The culture and how that affect approach.
  • Existing skills and capabilities and any gaps that should be addressed.

The customer deliverables and outcomes include the following:

  • Azure DevOps Readiness gap analysis report with priorities defined
  • Recommendations report covering key recommendations along with priorities Recommendations that pertain to the organisational structure, capabilities and any gaps that should be addressed as a matter of priority
  • Detailed plan and costings for a subsequent implementation phase to execute prioritised recommendations