BrillioOne RemoteWork at Scale-1-Wk Implementation


The offer serves as a guide and accelerator to enterprises in leveraging the power of Azure in their Digital Transformation journey focusing on communication, collaboration and operational efficiency.

Outcome and Deliverables: Brillio will assess the as-is business scenario. Based on the assessment, we will primarily provide consulting and Azure professional services to implement a digital experience solution which is centered on strong capabilities of key Azure IaaS/PaaS components such as VM, DB, Azure Machine Learning etc. These will help drive the following organizational outcomes:

• Engagement: Promote participation between employee and employer to contribute more. There is more engagement to all levels of employees. • Transparency: What is happening in the company? There is enough transparency for the employee to be aware and in control of things. • Collaboration: Career development and successful employment proportionate to employee collaboration. • Celebration: Achievements need to be celebrated whether it is big or small. This is a company level initiative to appreciate people and tasks more.

Roadmap: Standard Implementation: 1 Week (Free) • Setup & Deployment Cost: $0

Values delivered: • Faster delivery & Low Initial investment • Brillio achieved 5X ROI and passing this on to our customers • Enhanced Digital Employee Experience • A Platform to bring new processes digitally • Connected Employees – Ability to reach employees globally

Note: Factors affecting pricing estimate can be the enterprise landscape that need to be assessed, Complexity of infrastructure, Maturity of automation tools adoption etc.