Azure Virtual Desktop - 1 Week Implementation

Brio Technologies Private Limited

AVD delivers virtual desktops experience from Azure that can make you productive anywhere and from any device

Microsoft managed Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a VDI solution delivers virtual desktop and application experience from Azure that your users can access anywhere and anytime around the world on any device. AVD on Azure is the only solution capable of providing Windows 10 / Windows 11 Multi-session environment which has all the benefits with reduced security risks. With AVD you gain more control over your environment, potentially eliminating any risk and threats to your endpoints and network. Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and Microsoft Teams helps end users be productive with the desktop experience they’re used to. You can pay monthly, which helps you save money when compared to traditional desktops and on-premises VDI solutions. AVD on Azure helps you eliminate the complexity and hard work of managing hardware inventory, OS versions and patches. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is deployed within Microsoft Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and securely store all your employees and company data in Azure instead of local desktops. Setup Multi-factor authentication for secure login and used RBAC roles to Protect your Azure infrastructure. This helps improve the security of organization data and reduces your overall risk surface area.

Deliverables: Initial assessment of current environment and creation of project plan. Provisioning subscription and Azure resources for AVD environment. Configuration and Setup of Domain Services (Azure AD DS or Windows AD DS). Configuration of Workspaces and Host Pools (Personal or Pooled). Configuration and Validation of Host Pool Load Balancing Creation of WVD user groups and assignment desktop application groups to users. Creation and assignment remote applications to users (Pooled) Enable Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams and installation of Remote Desktop WebRTC redirector service Integrate an FSLogix profile container for persistent desktop (Pooled) Create an Azure Files share for secure roaming user profile storage. Cost optimization through automation for auto-scaling and shutdown. Backup Configuration of the UPD volume to Azure Recovery Service Vault User onboarding into AVD environment (Optional) Drain Mode Automation (Optional) Deployment Document Circulation and Project Sign-off