Claranet Data Services : 2 weeks Assessment

Claranet Limited

Claranet’s Data services is an end to end framework that enables you the ability to turn your data into usable information to gain insight and make data driven decisions.

Claranet’s Data and Azure experts can help to accelerate and optimize your data journey by taking the complexity out of designing and implementing a tailored solution. Claranet also provide continual support and improvement to make sure customers are getting the most out of their data and staying on top of cutting edge data services.

Claranet focus on an organization's Data Strategy by supporting key business drivers, from which we help identify and prioritize high-value use cases. We provide an extendable framework, using Azure services such as Data Lake storage, Data bricks, Synapse and Data Factory. With Data Analytics providing businesses with a foundation for most analytical use cases, including visualizing insights in Power BI.

Data Insights benefits include:

1 - Remove Data Silos - Consolidate your data across the organization and make it easily accessible to help generate clearer insights.

2 - Data Management & Governance – organize and govern data with a platform built on best practices; enterprise security, cost controls, scalability and data management tools.

3 - Security - Ensure your data is kept safe when stored, managed and in transit.

4 - Making data consumable across your business - Enabling the ability to consume data easily for reporting and to make critical business decisions based on accurate, timely insights, reducing time-to-value.

Whether you are investigating options at an early stage or starting a new project or program, we cater for every phase of your data journey, wherever you currently are.