Cloud Security Assessment


Get a detailed analysis of your cloud environment’s security posture and recommendations for mitigating risks and vulnerabilities with Click2Cloud's Cloud Security Assessment.

Cloud services are continuously developing and relying on the cloud is the safest way to do business, but the security threats are getting more advanced; hence, you have to be smart. Click2Cloud provides a Cloud Security Assessment to ensure your security and control. As part of our assessment, we assist you in developing processes for reducing cyber-risks in the cloud and understanding your organization's threat landscape. To help companies improve their security practices both short- and long-term, we provide a roadmap with clear visibility into progress in compliance adherence, as well as strategies for integrating identity management requirements into standard business processes that helps you become more proactive on the security front. Our assessment report helps you assess and secure solutions that incorporate Azure services.

Engagement Outline: • A kick-off session to introduce the scope and framework • Defines organizational risk profile in collaboration • Scanning and relevant data collection from your environment • Cloud security process workshop • A presentation of findings and mitigation measures • Reporting and recommendations

Key Deliverables: • Quantified snapshot of the current state • Discovery: Data collection • Vulnerability Assessment • A comprehensive report on the maturity of your cloud security using the latest industry methods • Clear cloud security roadmap • The mitigation plan tailored to your company's risk profile • Recommendations about mitigation steps & guide to protecting information • A business case demonstrating the value story • Future plan