Modern Workplace Assessment


Click2Cloud provides a Modern Workplace Assessment that empowers you to embrace the modern workplace, simplify cloud adoption, and improve employee productivity.

Click2Cloud's Modern Workplace Assessment provides an analysis of your current working environment and offers recommendations to improve your end-user productivity to support secure and modern work styles.

Our assessment solution provides clear and pragmatic insights into the business value and operational considerations for a successful modern workplace transformation.

As part of our assessment, we help you understand the collaboration tools and Microsoft Office 365 solutions for your business to improve productivity, provide you with recommendations for attaining optimal security, and assist you in understanding the capabilities and barriers to remote work for hybrid workforces.

The purpose of this assessment is to enable a productive workforce and ensure secure and modern work styles with the use of Microsoft Azure services.

Key Deliverables:

• Discovery

• Assessment of the current working environment

• Recommendations on tools, technologies, and Microsoft Azure services

• High-level roadmap to embrace the modern work style

• Optimal security recommendations

• Advisory reporting

• Review and next steps

Assessment Outcomes:

• Summary of the existing working environment

• A closer look at the benefits of Azure services for modern workstyle

• The onboarding plan aims to ensure an easy and secure transition to modern work styles

• Risk and advisory report

• Clear next steps