5-2 Cloud Native Migration & App Modernization: 2 Hours Briefing

XIBIX Solutions GmbH

XIBIX offers a detailed assessment and helps you create a cloud transformation roadmap that can accelerate your journey to modernize applications and infrastructure using Azure Cloud.

There are multiple reasons to move an on-premise infrastructure, app or service to the cloud. But sometimes it's hard to know where to start.

Therefore, we developed our 5-2 Cloud Native Approach to consider what applications, infrastructures, or services you want to migrate to the cloud. 5-2 cloud identifies the effort to refactor and redesign existing applications to maximize the value of hosting it in a secure cloud native environment regardless of the used technology (e.g. Java, .NET, Node.js) Some examples of our Cloud Migration Projects:

  • Migrate Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to Windows Virtual desktop
  • On-premise databases to Azure SQL database or SQL managed instance
  • On-premise applications to azure apps service
  • On-premise application infrastructure to AKS as well as migration of the current database solution to Azure cloud-native database
  • Migration of monolithic applications to microservice infrastructure in AKS
  • Rearchitect your applications to serverless functions

We ensure full collaboration for our customers; with regular stand ups in an agile working setup, workshops, pre and post testing and final sign off. Whether your organization is operating a complex enterprise scale portfolio or is simply seeking to deploy their first application in the cloud. Our 5-2 cloud approach can be tailored to you.

  1. Step (Analyze): We analyze the applications and assess the current state including application architecture, databases, and security.
  2. Step (Plan): We plan and structure the cloud roadmap and strategy to provide a consistent and profund timeline for the migration and building plans.
  3. Step (Build): We build a future-state cloud architecture with the objective of meeting performance, scalability, high-availability, security, and flexible requirements.
  4. Step (Migrate) We design and implement migration roadmaps to achieve these future-state designs that would include timelines, effort, and associated cloud hosting costs in the cloud.
  5. Step (Manage): We will manage the implemented cloud infrastructure on all levels. Using our specialized CloudOps Team we will take care of your security governance, technical issues and optimize your cloud cost management.