Azure Virtual WAN: 4 Hr Network Readiness Workshop


Take the first steps in migrating to Azure Virtual WAN. This virtual 4-hour Network Readiness Workshop includes an introduction to Azure Virtual WAN and client-specific migration discussions.

Coevolve helps enterprises adopt next-generation networking technologies. Azure Virtual WAN provides a compelling alternative to traditional network backbones, enabling global locations to access on-premises and Azure-based workloads with an integrated, high-performance approach.

This virtual 4-hour Network Readiness workshop is intended for enterprises that have an existing WAN and are considering adopting Azure Virtual WAN. It includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Azure Virtual WAN: what is it, and why should enterprises consider adopting it?
  • High-level review of client's existing WAN environment and key traffic flows
  • Potential migration strategies to adopt Azure Virtual WAN in the client's environment
  • Strategies for integrating SD-WAN with Azure Virtual WAN to automate deployments
  • Potential future state benefits
  • Network security considerations
  • Checklist for adopting Azure Virtual WAN

Deliverables: Coevolve will provide the client with a PowerPoint-based deliverable following the workshop, covering the material presented and a summary of the findings from the workshop.

Intended audience: The intended audience is enterprises that have an existing WAN, have workloads deployed in Azure, and could benefit from migrating traditional network backbone traffic flows to Azure. Network Architects, Infrastructure Managers, CIOs and IT Operations professionals would likely benefit from the content covered in the workshop.

Pre-workshop material: To allow for a constructive discussion, it is recommended that the client provide Coevolve with a high-level overview of their existing network. This should include topology diagrams and details of key traffic flows. Coevolve can provide a checklist in advance of the workshop with recommended content, and can sign an NDA if required before the information is shared.