Condition Monitoring using Azure IoT: 6-week Imp.


Azure IoT Condition monitoring, get in control of your remote assets (6 weeks implementation)

Condition monitoring offers continuous measurement and evaluation of telemetry data derived from operational assets in your production plant or in the field with your customers. We offer you real time insight in the performance, quality and intensity of the usage of assets in your organization. We specialize in flow and rotating equipment like electrical engines, pumps systems and valves.

Our solution offers the capability to define alerts and warnings to thresholds in the telemetry data to act immediately on the streaming data. On top of this we offer analytics and algorithms to process the data over a longer time frame to detect anomalies and gradual degradation of quality of service. This enables us to predict maintenance moments and prevent unplanned outage.

The condition monitoring service is offered as a SAAS service or integrated in your own Azure subscription. The service has a proven track record in detecting and predicting errors, maintenance moments and outage. This means a higher lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and an improved Overall Equipment Performance (OEP).

The outcome of this service is a working dashboard with alerts giving you insight in the status of your assets.

Deliverables are:

  • connected sensors to a Azure Time series database
  • several dashboards for your data.
  • analysis report on the major alerts and notifications.
  • configure alert and notifications and endpoints for notification.

Pricing is dependent on the number of workshops needed to determine the dashboards, number of sensor types, the type of protocol and the local connectivity.