Customer Insights 10 Week POC

Concurrency, Inc.

Establish an Azure Modern Data Framework to improve capability to capture actionable customer insights.

Customer Insights is an engagement where Concurrency Data Scientists analyze your customer and product data to provide insights that you did not know you had. These insights will deliver efficiencies as well as open the door to net new revenue streams for your business. This engagement combines the big data of Synapse with a rich understanding of your data to bring about new revenue opportunities by using data as a competitive differentiator for your business processes, such as collections and product catalog.

Business outcomes

  • Define and Develop Azure Modern Data Framework
  • Product Catalog & Customer Usage Insights
  • Unlock innovation and deliver new services
  • 5% sales uplift tied to new products or offers to customers with existing needs discovered via better information

Summary • Gain insights into customer opportunities and monetize data by acceleration into big data approaches. In essence we’re enabling the exploration of data over just reports and scorecards for use cases that require a serious transition Customer ROI • New revenue stream tied to monetizing aggregate de-identified customer data • Accelerated sales to target customers based on awareness of deployed product • Time to decision decrease for critical ROI driven opportunities

Timeline • An initial model activated over 5 weeks, transitioning within 10 weeks to operationalized environment

Develop Azure Modern Data Framework.

Data Science: Data Lake for Big Data, Experimentation, Fast Exploration, Semi-structured Business Analytics: Data Warehouse for Relational Data, Proven Security & Privacy, Dependable performance, Structed

  • Azure AI/ ML
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Databricks
  • Power BI