Azure VMware Solution - 4 Hour Discovery Workshop


Extend or migrate your existing VMware Data Centre environment seamlessly to Microsoft Azure with Azure VMware Solution and Advania

At Advania, we are experts at helping organisations move quickly and easily to the cloud. Our Azure VMware Solution Discovery Workshop helps you understand how you can realise the benefits of moving and integrating your VMware based workloads with Azure. In this 4-hour AVS discovery workshop we will collaborate with you to understand your current VMware environment, identify how AVS would benefit your strategy and determine the appropriate next steps.

The Azure VMWare Solution (AVS) enables a range of benefits:

  • Commercial

People skills and experience investments are maintained Reduced TCO through lower costs for maintenance, provisioning, and procurement Velocity through increased speed and agility with reduced disruption Azure Reserved Instances (RIs) Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit (AHUB) Extended security updates Consumption based model

  • Technical

Familiar VMware tooling Cloud-native hybrid workload management Azure ecosystem service proximity First-party supported solution by Microsoft

  • Sustainability

Infrastructure consolidation Dynamic scalability Reduced hardware e-waste Cloud-native sustainability features Carbon reporting and monitoring

Seamlessly integrate or migrate your existing VMware environment with Azure

  • AVS is Azure
  • AVS is cost-effective
  • AVS accelerates journey while reducing disruption