Azure Serverless App Development: 2-Day Workshop

Deep Network GmbH

In this offering you will learn the foundational concepts around Serverless Computing, and how to do it with Azure Functions. The labs will make you implement a complete message processing system.

  • Module: Introduction to Serverless Computing (3-4h) What is Serverless Computing? (0.5h) Benefits of Serverless Computing (0.5h)Drawbacks of Serverless Computing (0.5h) What is Azure Functions? (0.5h)
  • Azure Functions in detail (1-2h) Hosting Options Scaling Networking Options Deployment Options Understanding cold starts Monitoring & Optimize Performance Long Running Functions
  • Lab: Azure Functions (1h) Create Azure Function App in Azure Create a timer trigger Create a HTTP trigger Create a Blob trigger
  • Module: Loosely coupled serverless solutions in Azure (4-3h) Architecture Overview Events based systems (1h) Message based systems (1h)
  • Lab: Queue Storage & Event Grid (1.5h) Create a queue and trigger the created Azure Function with this queue Create an event grid and trigger the created Azure Function with this event grid Chain Azure Functions together using the created queue and event grid

DAY 2 – Workshop Day

  • Module: Asynchronous messaging workshop (8h)
  • Lab: Fan out - message filtering (4h)
  • Lab: Event Grid - Service Bus chaining, service buses as buffering load balancers (4h)