Azure Cloud_26 Weeks_Core Tm Agile Implementation


To improve Azure cloud application delivery, productivity, performance, and velocity to enable growth and the ability of the enterprise to compete and thrive as part of its modernization strategy.

Technical and business leaders who are seeking a partner with Azure Cloud application and digital product implementation expertise to assist to deliver a modern Microsoft Azure Cloud enabled software application. The priorities are to:

• Deliver Microsoft, Azure Cloud application solution • Establish a next generation application to deliver needed business outcomes • Retire outdated, obsolete, and problematic application/code

EQengineered will create a four-person technical development team focused on integrating with the client team to support the delivery of Azure Cloud application solution. Specific development priorities will be set by client for EQengineered and will be reassessed periodically to ensure timely delivery. Additional in-person meetings, workshops and sessions with key stakeholders and team members will be scheduled, when needed.

EQengineered project delivery is based on agile methods and employs sprints that break work down into goals that can be completed within timeboxed iterations. Our scrum team closely collaborates and conducts daily online communication among all team members (standups).

High level project blocks, will be broken down minimally at the start of the engagement to form a workable backlog. Some portions may end up being tackled in a different order, and duration is limited in fidelity based upon limited discovery.

At the end of a sprint, the team typically holds two events: the sprint review and the sprint retrospective to improve and accelerate performance. Ongoing backlog refinement (grooming) ensures that the team is appropriately prepared and ordered in a way that makes items clear and executable for the team, ready to pull into subsequent sprints.

The project sprint schedule will be iteratively updated based on requirements, design, and delivery findings through weeks 1-26 of the engagement based on the individual initiatives. Each sprint will be two weeks in duration for a total of 13 sprints.