Cloud Adoption Framework: 4-Week Implementation

Forsyte IT Solutions

Establish the necessary framework to achieve balance and deliver modernization with your people, processes, and technology in Azure with Forsyte’s Cloud Adoption Framework.

Gain a clear understanding of how to use best-in-class strategies to achieve your technical and user experience goals in Azure.

Engage in the Cloud Adoption Framework to see the value of Azure for your organization. You'll receive the tools, guidance, and instruction necessary to make decisions for your cloud journey and drive your organization forward with a phased approach to Azure adoption.

Forsyte’s Cloud Adoption Framework provides cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision-makers with the resources they need to successfully achieve short-term and long-term objectives in Azure. Each phase of the Cloud Adoption Framework is part of the broad cloud adoption journey.

Realize the benefits of Azure to:

  • Reduce your CapEx costs.
  • Reduce vendor and technical complexity.
  • Optimize support for internal demands.
  • Scale to meet new goals and objectives.
  • Prepare for new technology updates.
  • Improve your end-user experiences.

Forsyte's Phased Approach to Azure Adoption:

  • Strategy: Define business justification and expected outcomes of adoption.
  • Plan: Align actionable adoption plans to business outcomes.
  • Ready: Prepare the cloud environment for the planned changes
  • Adopt: Define business justification and expected outcomes of adoption.
  • Govern: Govern the environment and workloads.
  • Manage: Operations management for cloud and hybrid solutions.
  • Technical assessments.

Enlist the guidance of Forsyte's team to ensure your journey to the cloud starts off right. Define your strategy, plan and ready your organization, adopt Azure, govern, and manage your digital estate with Forsyte’s award-winning team, recipient of Microsoft US Partner Award, Microsoft Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization, and Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization.

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