Harman MLOps: 10 day assessment

Harman International Industries

HARMAN MLOps Assessment aids organizations in analyzing ML practices, identifying potential use-cases, and selecting toolchains for strategic MLOps deployment.

HARMAN MLOps Professional Service is a framework and methodology designed to automate machine learning (ML) pipelines specifically for Azure Cloud. Utilizing Azure-based workflows, collaboration platforms, and tools, this offering streamlines the management of model selection, versioning, auditability, explainability, re-usability, validation, deployment, and monitoring. Built on MLOps principles and leveraging Azure MLOps-specific services and open-source components, HARMAN MLOps enables organizations to enhance the quality and reliability of ML solutions in Azure Cloud environments.

HARMAN offers a 10-day MLOps assessment led by our AI/ML specialists and solution architects. The deliverables of this exercise will include an assessment report outlining:

  • Gap analysis with respect to MLOps best practices
  • Customized recommendations on frameworks and tooling for MLOps pipeline in Azure Cloud

The roadmap for the engagement (onsite assessment) consists of:
  • Stakeholder interviews - 2 days
  • Identify Azure-specific Frameworks and tooling - 3 days
  • Validation of gap analysis, understanding, and assumptions in the Azure context - 3 days
  • Consolidation and report preparation - 2 days

Take advantage of HARMAN's expertise in MLOps on Azure and accelerate your organization's journey towards efficient, reliable, and scalable ML solutions in Azure Cloud production environments.