HCLTech Edge Computing Solution on Azure (EdgeLITy)

HCL Technologies Limited.

Edge Solution framework for digitizing remote and edge sites, including best practices for network modernization, security governance, and process management

HCL Tech EdgeLITy provides a comprehensive framework for digitizing remote and edge sites, including best practices for network modernization, security governance, and process management. To make our customers' move to Edge-based architectures easier, we combine people, processes, technologies, data, devices, solutions, modernization strategies, and numerous assessment methodologies into a single box solution. This product's ultimate goal would be improved customer experiences, higher net promoter scores, and cost efficiencies, to name a few.


a) Plug and Play architecture supports customizable components and dashboards. b) Ability to develop custom Edge modules to run containerized ML workloads on Edge. c) Mobile App development for Android and ioS for extended integration to third party devices d) Complete automation of CI/CD pipeline to address smart and secure DevOps e) Cloud Infrastructure cost reduction using Azure automation/runbooks. f) Ability to integrate 3rd party tools as well per customer requirement. g) Capability to support and Integrate Azure Service h) Services to have enterprise systems integration and OT applications Integration as per customer requirement

Key benefits -

a. Prescriptive alarms and procedures – • Guided trouble shooting assistance and prescriptive analytics help monitor and take corrective actions • Help prevent breakdowns and downtimes

b. Edge compute, secure data, and infrastructure support capabilities – • Offering strong connectivity and reduced latency and end to end edge management throughout the cloud continuum

c. Powerful insights – • Delivered real-time from shop floor to top floor, enabling quick decision making • Enables minimization of production losses & better assets utilization

d. Smart Dashboards and Reports – • Displays overall production status, asset health and actionable insights • Role based access to facilitate layers of decision making

e. Support and management of IOT ecosystem - • Powerful devices, sensors, and platforms management, multi-cloud integration & support • IT/OT convergence, system integration, and application management