Transformative Data Modernization from On-premises Data Warehouse to Microsoft Azure

Hexaware Technologies

A global fiber solutions provider aimed to modernize and migrate their on-premises data warehouse to Azure, encompassing data, pipelines, reports, and visualizations with minimal impact on operations.

Our client, a global leader in sustainable fiber solutions with €15.5 billion in revenue, grappled with decentralized data across 38 plants. The on-premises data warehouse, utilizing Oracle Exadata, PL/SQL, and SAP Business Objects, impeded data sharing and caused delays in insights. Technical challenges included end-of-life support, minimizing cloud migration impact, consolidating global data, complex transformations, and modernizing reports.

Business Challenges:

  • The current system exhibited a lack of flexibility and scalability, resulting in delayed responses to business requirements.
  • Outdated reporting capabilities caused delays in data delivery and impeded ad-hoc reporting.
  • The data warehouse was built on legacy technology, with SAP BO approaching the end of support.
  • The operational and maintenance expenses (TCO) for the existing ecosystem were on the rise.

  • Hexaware examined the fundamental challenges faced by the client and utilized Amaze® for Data & AI, our comprehensive enterprise cloud migration solution, to expedite the transformation of their on-premises data and analytics ecosystem. The assessment reports aided to identify automation opportunities for accelerated migration, highlighting possibilities for modernization, consolidation, and optimization before moving to Azure.
  • Our IP platform automated the assessment and migration of existing Data Warehouse objects to a Microsoft Azure-based environment
  • Oracle Exadata Appliance workloads were migrated to Azure Synapse DB
  • Azure Data Factory (ADF) ingested data into Azure Synapse DW for storage and analysis, with reporting modernized using Power BI

Business Benefits:
  • 60% faster migration
  • 50% lower migration costs
  • 50% reduction in TCO

Consolidated data views, real-time reporting, faster time-to-market, and harmonized KPIs enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. On-demand cloud scalability and reduced operational costs mark the client's Azure-based data-driven transformation.