Paymatix – Analytics & Visualization for Retail Banks: 1 week assessment

Hexaware Technologies

PaymatiX provides a Datawarehouse for Payments, Cards with prebuilt reports and dashboards for Banks. Any retail bank aspiring to leverage AI & ML in their cards & payments portfolio should select it.

Hexaware’s cloud-native, unified data analytics and visualization platform generates powerful insights across the Cards & Payments ecosystem, a one-stop solution for data ingestion, validation, transformation, analytics, visualization, and decision sciences providing descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and augmented reports. Key features include:

  1. Unified Data Model – Comprehensively covers payments and cards data across any bank but can still be customized to target specific client requirements.
  2. Analytical Layer : Our built-in tools empower banks with a ready to use analytical layer, enabling real-time data analysis and gain actionable intel accurately, quickly and productively.
  3. Curated Insights : The platform empowers business users through
    • customizable dashboards for Dynamic Insights e.g. Portfolio Manager’s dashboard.
    • Intelligent alerts using our pattern analysis tools to identify outliers and anomalies for proactive insights. E.g. Spend pattern prediction.
    • Supervised and unsupervised models to help with fraud detection and prevention, highlighting opportunities for upsell and cross sell through intelligent insights. E.g. Churn Management
    • Assisted decision making by providing the right metrics in dashboards and reports to understand the factors behind trends, enabling actionable insights. E.g. Credit Limit recommendations.
  4. Self-Service Sandbox: Our solution provides a secure and customizable environment to carry out data analytics experiments.

PaymatiX has been built on Azure Synapse and leverages multiple services like Azure Purview, Analysis Service, Key Vault and AD among others. Azure ML is the ML engine and reports and dashboards are rendered using the Power BI licenses.