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Get ahead of compliance demands and protect against data breaches with secure data across Microsoft Azure and your hybrid cloud environments.

Traditional security approach is not enough… a data-centric security approach is required. Current approaches focus on prevention and threat management of the enterprise application, network and infrastructure which hosts and processes the data. A data centric approach augments the current approach by enhancing your data security discipline and increase focus on the security of the data itself than just the infrastructure it is hosted on.

A successful data-centric program requires some key capabilities:

  • Scan Your Data Landscape: Discover, baseline and classify the enterprise data landscape across hybrid, multi-cloud environments
  • Data Governance: Enforce data security consistently with inclusion in data governance workflows and processes
  • Governance Arrangements: Prescriptive standards and handling guidelines covering known business uses with exception handling
  • Holistic Data Protection: Full-lifecycle protection with automation for data in use, at rest and in motion
  • Operating Model: Data security as a dedicated cyber discipline with a clear mandate and org model
  • Data-centric Threat Monitoring: Centralized data-centric threat monitoring and response

IBM’s data protection methodology is simple and repeatable:

  • Understand your data: Gain visibility & knowledge of your data landscape through discovery & classification
  • Secure your data: Develop a control framework for end-to-end protection of critical data & minimize business disruption from data loss
  • Monitor your data: Enable business confidence and assurance for stakeholders with a data-centric threat monitoring
Benefits of a Data-centric security program:
  • Stop Threats: Mitigate threats with stronger data protection and improve security posture for the organisation
  • Cyber Spend Savings: Data-centric focus can rationalise security control landscape and reduce spend on non-data areas
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements: Meet regional & global regulatory requirements with confidence and be ready to adapt changing reg landscape
  • Competitive Advantage: Liberate core business data for analytics insights to gain competitive advantage
  • Reduce Complexity: Reduce security white noise and operational complexity by pivoting on security impact to data
  • Simplify Cyber Risk Management: Visibility of risk impact to data will help simplify the overall cyber security risk management and decision making
Engage IBM Security to meet you wherever you are on your cloud security journey. We have several offerings to assist your organization with protecting and governing your sensitive data:
  • Data Security Workshop: 3 weeks
  • Consulting and advisory support for data protection landscape: 6 weeks
  • Define, Design, implement, and integrate for data security services: 12 weeks
  • Consulting and advisory, Define, Design, implementation, integration, Test and Improve, Program development including roles and responsibilities, end user awareness, Operational runbook: 24 weeks
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