Quickbooks on Azure : 5 Day Implementation

Ibn Technologies Ltd

CloudIBN combines the robustness of Microsoft Azure Cloud and the simplicity of Quickbooks and offers Migration services where Quickbooks is Shifted to Azure Cloud so seamlessly.

Quickbooks on Azure Features

  • FTP Service to download & Upload Data
  • A secured connection from any browser with HTTPS Web Server & SSH server
  • Universal Printer: print from any location
  • Easy connection from iPhone/iPad and Android devices
  • Open documents on Client-Side like Office,PDF, etc located on the server without installing this application on Server.
  • Supports concurrent Remote Desktop (RDS) connections, printer-disk-port mapping, bi-directional sound, remote FX, dual-screen.

Implementation Steps:

Day 1: Assessment Phase ( Current Quickbooks infra details Gathering )
  • Infrastructure (Hardware /Software Versions,Bandwidth) configurations
  • Application Dependencies
  • Utilization data and performance metrics
  • Security & Backup Strategies
  • How Internal & External Users are accessing QB
  • Pain areas in Current Infrastructure & Expectation on Azure Infrastructure

Day 2: Solution Design & Documentation Phase
  • Document – Azure Architecture & Migration Project Plan
  • Propose Workload & Infrastructure sizing for target environment based on performance metrics
  • Provide Azure Estimated Consumption & Other components Estimate
  • Create Azure Subscription

Day 3: Setup of Azure Infrastructure
  • Create, Deploy & Harden Azure VM, RDS & Storage
  • Create & Configure Azure Backup, Anti-Virus, Azure Security & Network
  • Setup VPN Connectivity
  • Create RDS Services & Users
  • Install Quickbooks Software

Day 4: Pilot Migration
  • Copy Quickbooks data
  • Assisting Client users to connect to Azure VM
  • Client Users will test Azure QB Environment

Day 5: Migration & Handover
  • Migrate Live Production QB data
  • Handover of Azure environment & sign up for CloudIBN Managed Services (Optional)