Comprehensive Azure Review 2 Week Implementation

IFI Techsolutions

A 360° review of your existing Azure Environment for Cost Savings, Resource Optimisation, end-to-end Security and High-availability. We make sure you get the best value out of your Azure investment.

IFI Techsolutions is a leading cloud solutions and managed services provider that was recognized as a 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist. Founded by former Microsoft executives, IFI Techsolutions has earned Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations on Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, Modernization of Web Applications and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Our team of experienced Azure Consultants conduct an analysis of your Azure Environment.

2 Week Implementation Agenda:

Phase 1: Access & Walkthrough

  • Reader Access to your Azure subscriptions.
  • Your team gives us a quick walkthrough of your workloads, types of environments & practices followed.

Phase 2: Cost Optimization

  • Identifying all underutilized resources
  • Recommend cost-effective solutions
  • Auditing different environments for usage

Phase 3: Performance Optimization

  • Identifying over-utilized resources
  • Recommend solutions to enhance performance, responsiveness & user experience.

Phase 4: Security Review

  • Identifying exposure surface
  • Highlight Critical, Warning & security practices as per your environment & business needs.
  • Recommend best practices for compliance
  • Access & identity management audit
  • Resource Monitoring

Phase 5: Resilience Review

  • High-availability recommendations
  • Recommend the right Backup practices and policies for protection
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery readiness check with recommendations

Phase 6: Implementation of all recommendations

  • Execution of tasks with no downtime
  • Pre-implementation steps/scripts & sing-offs
  • Execution of tasks during the planned change interval
  • Post-implementation report with environment details & configurations.


  • A comprehensive & actionable Review Report giving a clear picture of how to improve your Azure Environment
  • Report walkthrough session
  • Post-implementation report