Digital Transformation: 6 Weeks Implementation

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Digital Transformation, Enablement, Assessment, Migration & Governance Services - From Anywhere To Azure

Softline Azure Cloud Migration Service is a bulk cloud migration service offering for Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. It leverages the factory model approach to help customers migrate there workloads like Servers, Application and Data Solutions from Anywhere into both Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) & Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Leveraging Microsoft best practices and digital transformation tools like Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) & Well Architected Framework (WAF), Softline helps the customers in defining transformation strategy and journey to the cloud, helping them lean and understand the technology aspects of cloud and how they can and should leverage different technologies available to them. Softline also helps the customers in planning their budgets and roadmap for end-to-end adoption of cloud solutions.

Softline Azure Cloud Migration services also extends to assessing the current workloads that the customer may be running in their current environment and mapping the resources to cloud services while also addressing the technologies currently in use and their counterparts on cloud. These assessments also cover the dependencies of different applications on each other and interdependencies between network components and different sites that customer might have.

Post Assessment, Softline creates a detailed plan for migration along with the end state architecture which has all the HLD, LLD, Network flow diagram and Data Flow diagrams, along with the TCO and ROI for different application component and provide a clear view of the cost benefits in terms of hosting, licensing & management of all resources.

Once the planning is complete, Softline helps in migrating all the workloads based on different ways and as per the 5R strategies, ensuring that as many applications run natively on cloud as possible. The same approach also extends to customer data as well where Softline helps in migration & consolidation of existing data to Azure.

These build procedures follow the well architected framework and automation techniques are leveraged to ensure scalability and reliability of the deployed infrastructure.

Softline Azure Cloud Migration Services also ensure that post deployment all resources are validated, and proper security and governance policies applied.

***Final Cost of Service will be Based on the Scope of Work.