Proof of Concept SAP on Azure : 20 day

Khoj Information Technology

Explore the feasibility of running your SAP ECC, HANA or S/4 environment on Azure. Proof of Concept landscapes or non production SAP systems built on Azure for your specific use/business case.

SAP on Azure ( Proof of Concept): This offer is designed for customers who wish to explore the feasibility of SAP on Azure. This offer requires that either of the assessment offers have been conducted first prior to proceeding with the PoC. The objectives for the PoC will be further defined after a detailed assessment of environment. ​

  • PoC Objective Alignment- Migration/Fresh Build
  • Solution Design
  • Azure Scaffolding as needed
  • Target current landcape as per SAP Best Practices
  • SAP Landscape Provisioning
  • PoC Environment Build Out
  • Integrated Testing
  • Detailed Architecture for PoC Build Out
  • Set up Azure Scaffolding
  • ASR
  • Network (S2S/Express Route)
  • SIT & UAT Testing and Validation Execution
Client Commit
  • Stakeholders Availability-PoC design Workshops, testing and validations
  • Infrastructure commit: Only if PoC requires to be built on customer subscription
  • Azure Subscription and Backup in Storage Account
  • S2S VPN/Express Route