Cogmation: 2-Weeks Implementation

L&T Technology Services

End-to-End Test Automation for Multi-purpose Applications and Embedded Devices

For Product Heads and QA Managers who are looking to achieve faster time-to-market and superior quality for their applications and embedded products, Cogmation is a test automation solution that is lightweight, highly customizable and easily deployable – providing coverage for functional, performance, load/stability and regression test scenarios.

The Key features of Cogmation : • DevOps and Continuous Testing Support: Cogmation supports Agile and DevOps methodology whereby based on release notes or config details of new builds, the applicable test scenarios are automatically selected and distributed on the eligible parallel test benches so as to minimize overall execution time – with test results getting logged into your preference of Test Management Tools.

• End-to-End Testing: Cogmation supports component and system testing on applications over multiple platforms – mobile, web, desktop (windows/linux), CPE (Apple TV, ROKU, FIRE TV, Smart TV, STB). In addition, Cogmation supports test automation on embedded protocols such as Serial, Ethernet, SSH, Modbus, BACnet, CAN, Bluetooth etc. whereby the embedded products could come with HMIs

• Integrated Log Analysis: Users can opt for a version of Cogmation that comes pre-integrated with in-house log analysis tool for advanced ingestion, analysis and visualization capabilities – thereby expediting root cause analysis

Cogmation test automation solution will be deployed to run on Azure Virtual Machines – and the generated test results data will be stored on Azure Blob Storage. In order to provide multiple storage options in terms of latency and cost, Cogmation will leverage the options of Azure Cool Blob storage and Azure Archive Storage. Azure Back-up and Disaster Recovery Cookbook will be used as required for additional safeguarding of data. For Cogmation customers who require advanced Security options, Azure Security Centre and Azure Advanced Threat Detection services can be leveraged.