Modernize .NET Apps with Magenic: 3-Wk Assessment


Create an Adoption Plan with a target reference architecture for modernizing .NET applications. Include a Agile Plan, Team Model, Agile Backlog requirements, DevOps plan & Proof of Concept (POC).

The Modernize .NET Applications with Magenic offer is geared towards customers who have selected Custom Applications to be modernized to the Azure cloud. The benefits of this offer is that there is a proven and repeatable process that creates a complete Modernization Plan with speed and efficiency. This offer is time-boxed to two weeks if no Proof of Concept (POC) is required with a set fixed-fee so the Customer knows exactly when they will have a plan to move forward with their Azure Modernization initiative.

Aligning to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, Magenic will use it's proven Cloud Readiness Accelerator to build a complete action plan that includes:

  • Assessment of the current state of applications.
  • Review of the Azure competencies & processes of the Customer organization.
  • Creation of Agile Backlog prioritization including functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Creation of a target Azure Reference Architecture, including an Azure Well Architected Review.
  • Creation of a collaborative Team Model including Customer and Magenic.
  • Aligning Team Model capacity to Agile Backlog priorities and proven Team Velocity metrics to create Software Release expectations.
  • Creation and documentation of the DevOps plan including tool selection (GitHub/ADO) and DevOps process expectations.

Magenic Cloud Readiness Accelerator for Modernizing .NET Applications has been used with both Enterprise & Middle Market customers for modernization efforts of all types and sizes, creating plans that both align and ignite the Customer organization to move forward with confidence.